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Trust needs capacity.

We evaluate quality and vouch for it.


DEVTAGO is the European and international trust mark in real estate and construction. We determine the strengths and weaknesses in the real estate industry through quality checks. The results of the Real Estate Checks and Service Checks are published as research reports and serve the greater transparency. These independent certifications are created by external surveyors and examiners locally and worldwide. Qualified offers, which meet professional real estate criteria, can optionally receive recognitions. DEVTAGO originated in Germany and follows good German engineering practices.

The neutrality of DEVTAGO is a prerequisite for absolutely fair evaluation results. Therefore reviewing fees are paid to the independent surveyors who perform the Real Estate Checks where the projects are. If recognitions are granted by surveyors to a specific property for proving quality and performance, the customer may opt in to use recognitions for a licensing fee. Recognitions are used by customers in particular for confidence-building and performance documentation. Everyone benefits from objective results, since people can very quickly assess the benefits of certain objects and offerings.

Certificate of real estate evaluation
Green Building Recognition
Blue Building Recognition
Top Property Recognition

The DEVTAGO signs of quality: certification according to strict criteria
Before individual studies can receive a trustmark, they must meet strict criteria. Generally all reviews are carried out by independent experts locally and then validated. The DEVTAGO Professional Board reviews the objectivity of reviews, the quality criteria, and supports surveyors in their independence. The Professional Board includes experienced experts from the real estate industry.

How to detect the authenticity of a recognition
Whether a certificate or trustmark of DEVTAGO anywhere on the Internet or on printed documents is genuine or not, can be checked easily; just click on the seal or search for the respective ID number of the study on the website of DEVTAGO and it will open the corresponding DEVTAGO certificate.

The Vision

“With DEVTAGO we revolutionize certifications in the real estate space.“

Our Services

The services of DEVTAGO help to bring more transparency into the real estate industry.

The History

How everything began...
How can you quickly and easily distinguish good real estate in the market from not so good? And how do I find an offering which I can certainly trust?
These questions DEVTAGO asked itself some time ago and went on searching for the answers. The results of the research were sobering. DEVTAGO often met with complicated, over-priced or obscure business practices and hard to understand real estate offerings.

Why did nobody care about these problems? So DEVTAGO set these issues to a heart thing and has come with is a great way how DEVTAGO can help you: using transparent quality checks which test individual properties and service offerings around the real estate industry in an independent way.
And where we are today...
With DEVTAGO a novel and yet simple platform was created for you around certifications in the real estate area. The evaluation criteria are based on rigorous scientific standards and are adjusted by our Professional Board regularly on practicality. Together with renowned partners and consultants, we make sure that you can trust the certifications of DEVTAGO. With us independence and transparency are always in the foreground. Because we all deserve honesty.

DEVTAGO is an innovative company based in Frankfurt, Germany, and follows good German engineering practices adapted to the regions where we perform ratings. Our valuation services are open to companies in Germany and in more than 20 countries worldwide thanks to our extensive network of surveyors who are located where the properties reside.

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