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How the Real Estate Check Works

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In 4 Steps to Certification

The DEVTAGO Real Estate Check is a fully neutral quality review in the real estate and construction space which is no financial appraisal. With the Real Estate Check companies can test own projects in regards to their perceived quality and performance in an independent way by external surveyors. Originally based on good old German engineering practices, it has been adapted to work for International. The Real Estate Check reviews which features make your project special and if it is sustainable.

Your Real Estate Check ends with the delivery of the certificate which contains the results of the certification. The certification results are displayed as clearly represented recognitions which can be granted individually to the object. If recognitions are awarded customers can optionally decide to use them publicly.

The Real Estate Check is coordinated by DEVTAGO and professionally accompanied. The actual review is conducted nationwide through external surveyors who are from the area where the reviewed properties are located. The surveyors are independent, not bound to instructions in regards to the outcome of the property check and follow standardized processes and proven criteria created by the DEVTAGO Professional Board. The Professional Board is comprised of experts from the real estate industry. The goals of an independent Real Estate Check are always neutral and independent review results. This creates trust.

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How it works: from the idea of a study to certification.

Your Advantage

„Create Trust and Transparency by Conducting a Real Estate Check through external Surveyors.“

Certificate and Recognitions

Real property reviews und Real Estate Quality Seals
Included with every study: Certificate
Optional available, if given: Blue Building, Green Building, Top Property

Why does a certification matter?

A certification helps owners, property managers, investors, and users in multiple ways:

Basic Services

Independent Certification

For conducting a review our surveyors need detailed data and facts. The certification process will lead to a professional rating score and the creating of the certificate.

Official Certificate

With every Real Estate Check a certificate is created which contains the strength and advantages. The certificate is a proof of quality and is intended to provide guidance in the property market.

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Recognitions (optional)

In the case that the external surveyors grant one or more recognitions to your real property, you can use these after completion of the review optionally.

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Frequently Asked

You know your strengths and weaknesses, but your prospective customers or partners don't. Your offer must arouse interest in a very short and be explicable. This is precisely where the independent Real Estate Checks of DEVTAGO in conjunction with recognitions come into play. Recognitions for quality are only awarded if the quality was proven and recognitions were granted by the external surveyors performing the check. Recognitions communicate the benefits in a very short time, your readers build further confidence, and they will take the next step.
The Real Estate Checks of buildings are no appraisals that contain financial estimates or any kind of financial valuation, but instead feature a completely new way of assessment in light of objective, value-neutral criteria. The goal of Real Estate Checks is to highlight through transparent and neutral feedbacks strengths of individual objects. The Real Estate Checks are conducated by external surveyors from the real estate industry with a long track record.
In contrast to other providers of real estate valuations, DEVTAGO is merely not earning through the certification process. Only when the surveyor granted quality recognitions to a reviewed property, after the completion of the rating, DEVTAGO is earning through optionally granting licenses for the actual use of the recognitions. This way DEVTAGO is not in direct financial dependence of our clients and is more independent than most other certifiers in real estate space.
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