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  • Certificate inclusive as a performance confirmation.
  • The only property review which is testing for all recognitions.
  • Decide later if you want to use granted recognitions or not.
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The costs of the pure certification are, per property:
Description Gross floor area Costs
Small property up to 1,000m2 409 USD
Medium property 1,000m2 to 10,000m2 889 USD
Large property 10,000m2 to 100,000m2 1509 USD
The recognitions are awarded by external surveyors during the certification when quality is actually proven. After the completion of the certificate you can optionally use the awarded recognitions for a fee (but this you will decide later). No hidden costs!
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"Here at DEVTAGO we take all the certifications very seriously. Our experts deal professionally with real estate since decades. This expertise pays off."

Peter Salostowitz FRICS, DEVTAGO Professional Board

"Dear DEVTAGO team! Thank you for your expert advice, the objective assessment, and the substantiated results. I'm really pleased with your service."

Marcel Martin, CEO, Brokers Immobilien