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DEVTAGO reviews Quality in Real Estate


Together with external reviewes, DEVTAGO performs quality checks of service offerings in the real estate and construction areas. The DEVTAGO Service Check rates specific characteristics and advantages of a service in the process.

A Service Check is carried out within 3 months. After the certification has been completed you will receive a certificate including an overview of the granted recognitions for proven quality. Once the certificate has been published you can decide whether you actually want to use any of the awarded quality seals for marketing. Those are optional.

The costs for the execution of the Service Check depends on the size of your business and is as following per company:

Description Gross floor area Costs
Small company up to 10 employees 99 USD
Typical company 11 to 100 employees 199 USD
Big company 100+ employees 389 USD

  • Completed in 3 months time.
  • Manageable work for you.
  • Full cost control.

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Certification process

Recognitions (optional)

With the completion of the Service Check the independent surveyors can also grant one or more of the following recognitions to your company. These recognitions can be used for a license fee if your company has been awarded with the respective recognition. The decision to make use of these recognitions is yours once the rating has been released and published.

Blue Service

from 319 USD*

  • Digital: 319 USD*
  • Digital, Print: 749 USD*
  • Digital, Print, Onsite: 839 USD*
  • Communicates strengths
  • Creates trust
  • For customer aquisition

Top Service

from 709 USD*

  • Digital: 709 USD*
  • Digital, Print: 1629 USD*
  • Digital, Print, Onsite: 1839 USD*
  • Communicates excellence
  • Exclusive and sophisticated
  • Highlights top services

The costs depend on the company size. Please select your company size:

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